True Identity – Sensing Shamanism



True Identity – Sensing Shamanism is a unique album and performance-project that combines the amazing Icaro healing songs used by the indigenous Shipibo Shamans from Peru with the modern electronic sounds of House, Techno and Electronica.

**The “Sensing Shamanism” album will be available for you on a donation base as a download, the profit will help several organizations preserving shamanistic culture in Peru and worldwide.HOW THE PROJECT WAS STARTED:
After being active in the house and techno scene for several years I felt that everyone in the scene was doing the same, and started to develop a great interest in ancient tribes, spirituality and different musical tunings.Then I was introduced to the Shipibo shamans last year during their European tour.
I was mesmerized by the way they used specific songs in their ceremonies to heal the participants, and the effect it had on me during the ceremony.The beginning of this year travelled to Peru to learn from the indigenous Shipibo  tribe about their plant diets, healing songs (Icaros) and their way of live in harmony with nature and how it can benefit us.
I was also very excited to experience and learn about the Icaro healing songs .I took part in several ceremonies and did short interviews with the Shamans and the Europeans that were there learning from them.

I recorded a dozen Icaros and remixed them in special house, techno and electronic music versions that can be heard on the upcoming True Identity – Sensing Shamanism album.



I was honored to play at Mysteryland this year to premiere some of the tracks from the cd to the Mysteryland crowd!

If you already want to own the tracks, make a donation and you will get the first 6 tracks and
recieve a new download with all the tracks once the cd is finished.



If you don’t have a paypal account, want to pay in a different way or have any questions, please contact

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Mysteryland Lost & Found Movie EP (FREE DOWNLOAD)

After the incredible response to the Lost & Found Mysteryland Short Movie we have decided in collaboration with the filmmaker Eldar Gross and the Mysteryland Crew to release the music from the film in a special True Identity – Lost and Found Movie EP.

I am very happy that everyone enjoyed the music and it was a great experience!
Download the EP below for free and SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! Happy summer!

True Identity – Lost & Found Movie EP (1min previews) by TrueIdentity

True Identity 4 Sensation Kenya 2013


Leo has provided music for the amazing new trailer for Sensation Kenya 2013,
check it out:

“This fall we hit the Kenyan capital Nairobi for the first ever Sensation charity event and it’s the kick-off of the ‘Celebrate Life Tour, a new ID&T initiative bringing Sensation to countries that don’t see dance events like these that often. The Celebrate Life Tour isn’t about making profit, it’s about uniting different people and cultures during this spectacular event. All proceeds made during the Celebrate Life Tour will be donated to a local organisation. In Kenya the proceeds made will be donated to Sensation partner dance4life, an organisation active in over 25 countries, fighting against the spread of HIV and aids.

In contrast to all of our other shows, this show will be outdoors. We developed a unique, outdoor set up for this tour and it will premiere in Nairobi.
More info regarding the show, the set up and of course the date will follow soon!

The general ticket sale starts June 21st.”

Lost & Found Short Movie for Mysteryland


I was asked to provide audio and music for the Eldar Gross short movie Lost & Found (ID&T’s Mysteryland Festival)
It has turned out to be a great collaboration between me and Eldar and we are very happy with the result.
The short movie depics a festival visitor as he wakes up after the festival, lost his keys and takes a journey back in time to re-experience his amazing Mysteryland experience.
Checkout the result below and have an amazing festival season!

Barry Pietersen Jill Post Sam Baboeram Marc Redmeijer Peter Suyderhoud Leo Melcherts Jr Paul Brouwer Clayton Fredrik

Welcome to the Future, Mysteryland and Defqon1 volunteers work 10.000 hours!

10.000 HOURS did it, they had festival visitor (Welcome To The Future, Mysteryland & Defqon 1) donate a day of their time to contribute
something to the environment and organisations that need extra help.

2 of Leo’s True Identity tracks were featured in the aftermovie:
True Identity – Ain’t Misbehavin (Demo)
True Identity & Philip Young – I am Ready (Original mix)

Check it out 🙂

The goal is to achieve together 10.000 HOURS volunteerwork as quick as possible.

Our Welcome to the Future Volunteers have been working with us for three years in a row. Under the guidance of Landschap Noord-Holland we plant trees, trim the turf and keep it clean and decorate the nature around the festival area. This year we also took care of the cat shelter and the care farm.

Each year Mysteryland volunteers do up the forest surrounding the festival area. Additionally, this year they took care of Jeugd Land and the Care Farm.

Defqon.1 Volunteers painted the Colombinehuis, built a butterfly garden and created a fairytale forest. The Colombinehuis is a place for families with children suffering from chronic deceases, children who have wheelchair or have psychological problems.
Defqon.1 partygoers in Australia did an all-day clean-up and landscaping effort at the Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Educational Centre.

We would like to thanks all the volunteers for donating their time. We have successfully completed the 10.000 HOURS of volunteering. We set back the clock to 00:00 HOURS. So if you like to join our new 10.000 HOURS project check out our website:

Or follow us on Facebook:

FREE LOUNGE ALBUM “Leon – A taste of life” by Leo Melcherts / True Identity

In 2004 Leo Melcherts (True Identity) made a lounge album by the name of Leon – A taste of life.

” I had great fun making it and want to share it with you once again so download it and enjoy!

Leo / True Identity

”Leon – A taste of life” is a cd for deep relaxation, meditation and stimulation of mind and body.

It features collaborations with different artists and friends from Leo;

Esther Wagenaar: This singer/songwriter is based in The Netherlands and works with a wide array of musical concepts.

Her current focus is the way she shapes the sound of her voice to bring across a certain emotion. She has worked with numerous great jazz ensembles and bands and has featured in a number of theatre plays.

Ronald Douglas: Ronald has been singing jazz and swing since his youth in The Hague in Holland. His passion for swing and jazz extends up untill now. With a growing number of awards and recommendations (nr1 at Jazzconnect Jazzvocal Competition 2006) he is claiming his top spot in the international jazz/swing genre.

He has stepped out of the box on this album to experiment with sound and his voice on the soothing chillout tracks “GranVia5Am” and “Staring over Water”

Roberi: Being an allround musician, writer, musical-writer & composer Robert knows how to express words into sound. On this album he can be heard playing the flute and the sax on tracks “Lagrimas” and “Valencia”.

Cbe: Was introduced to the trumpet at a very young age and has been playing in different formations and genres eversince. Siebe plays the trumpet on tracks “Barceloneta”, “Passion” and “En un Sueno”.