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Attending a shamanic ceremony, setting your intention and going on a transformational journey.

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Sensing Shamanism

Shipibo - The Journey - is an electronic shamanic music and visual journey for the dancefloor, combining the recordings of
10 Shamans from Peru mixed with electronic music.

Besides creating a fantastic entertaining dancefloor and visual experience, the goal of this project is to raise awareness about shamanism and spark curiosity for their culture and contribute to the preservation of it.
Part of the proceeds will be donated to 2 forganizations in Peru for the preservation of shamanic culture, the re-planting of more aya-huasca and other healing plants in the region of Ukayali in Peru, for the benefit of the Shamans and all Shipibo people. 

Maestro Viktor singing 'Icaro' 

Performance at Burning Man (NL) 

The Music

With the Icaro's and the electronic melodies at the core of the performance, LIVE beats and video will be tailored to each event.

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