Lost & Found Short Movie for Mysteryland

I was asked to provide audio and music for the Eldar Gross short movie Lost & Found (ID&T’s Mysteryland Festival)
It has turned out to be a great collaboration between me and Eldar and we are very happy with the result.
The short movie depics a festival visitor as he wakes up after the festival, lost his keys and takes a journey back in time to re-experience his amazing Mysteryland experience.
Checkout the result below and have an amazing festival season!

Barry Pietersen Jill Post Sam Baboeram Marc Redmeijer Peter Suyderhoud Leo Melcherts Jr Paul Brouwer Clayton Fredrik

FREE LOUNGE ALBUM “Leon – A taste of life” by Leo Melcherts / True Identity

In 2004 Leo Melcherts (True Identity) made a lounge album by the name of Leon – A taste of life.

” I had great fun making it and want to share it with you once again so download it and enjoy!

Leo / True Identity

”Leon – A taste of life” is a cd for deep relaxation, meditation and stimulation of mind and body.

It features collaborations with different artists and friends from Leo;

Esther Wagenaar: This singer/songwriter is based in The Netherlands and works with a wide array of musical concepts.

Her current focus is the way she shapes the sound of her voice to bring across a certain emotion. She has worked with numerous great jazz ensembles and bands and has featured in a number of theatre plays.

Ronald Douglas: Ronald has been singing jazz and swing since his youth in The Hague in Holland. His passion for swing and jazz extends up untill now. With a growing number of awards and recommendations (nr1 at Jazzconnect Jazzvocal Competition 2006) he is claiming his top spot in the international jazz/swing genre.

He has stepped out of the box on this album to experiment with sound and his voice on the soothing chillout tracks “GranVia5Am” and “Staring over Water”

Roberi: Being an allround musician, writer, musical-writer & composer Robert knows how to express words into sound. On this album he can be heard playing the flute and the sax on tracks “Lagrimas” and “Valencia”.

Cbe: Was introduced to the trumpet at a very young age and has been playing in different formations and genres eversince. Siebe plays the trumpet on tracks “Barceloneta”, “Passion” and “En un Sueno”.