A unique album and performance-project that combines the amazing Icaro healing songs used by the indigenous Shipibo Shamans from Peru with the modern electronic sounds of House, Techno and Electronica. Listen to the first version of the album below.

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Past Shows

20 Oct 2018 True Identity (Liveset) Valencia , SP Escuela Escuela
15 Sep 2018 True Identity (Liveset + DJ Set) Malmö, SWE Malmö Börshus Malmö Börshus
02 Sep 2018 True Identity (Liveset) New York Boat Party Chelsea Boat Party Chelsea
25 Aug 2018 True Identity (Liveset) Amsterdam, Noord Holland ( NL ) Mysteryland Mysteryland
28 Jul 2018 True Identity (Liveset) Lisbon, POR Forrest Forrest
15 Jul 2018 True Identity (Liveset + DJ Set) Kraggeburg Wildeburg Wildeburg
13 Jul 2018 True Identity (Liveset + DJ Set) Kraggeburg Wildeburg Wildeburg
04 Jun 2018 True Identity (DJ Set) Utrecht White Chapel White Chapel

SHIPIBO – The Journey –
An electronic shamanic music and visual journey for the dancefloor, combining the recordings made by DJ True Identity (Leo) on his trip deep into the Amazon, with the healing vocals of 10 Shamans from the Shipibo tribe, which are mixed with electronic music set to beautiful visuals to accompany the journey.

Besides creating a fantastic entertaining dancefloor and visual experience, the goal of this project is to raise awareness about shamanism and spark curiosity for their culture and contribute to the preservation of it.
The proceeds will be donated to several foundations in Peru for the preservation of shamanic culture, the re-planting of healing plants in the region of Ukayali in Peru, for the benefit of the Shamans and all Shipibo people.

Ancient rituals, forgotten civilizations, magic and spirituality have always been a key inspiration for Dutch DJ / Producer Leo Melcherts Jr.
Under the artist name True Identity, he explores wisdom teachings, microtonality, shamanism, new technology and magic, on and off the dancefloor.
After hearing an Icaro (a Peruvian healing song) during a aya-huasca ceremony led by Peruvian- native Shipibo shamans, Leo felt a calling to mix these powerful vocal healing songs with electronic music.
He had the opportunity to spend a month with the same Shipibo tribe in their native land in the Ukayali River region in Peru.
During that month, he participated in aya- huasca ceremonies, interviewed the shamans and learned about their extraordinary knowledge of healing plants, their shamanistic lifestyle and the importance of its preservation.

Highest respect to mother Aya-Huasca, and the Shipibo shamans that contributed to this project: Horatio, Celestina & her son, Roger, Jorge & Luzmilla, Selina, Amalia, Emanuela, Viktor.

Music / Visuals / Concept: Leo Melcherts jr / True Identity
VJ: Nao Sakamoto

Visuals by:
Julius Hortshuis
TAS (The Adventurous Spark)
Nao Sakamoto
Leo Melcherts Jr

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Thanks to Boompje / Roy Gerritsen for audio visual sync suport!


26-10-2017: Espacio IDEO, Intramurs Festival, Valencia, Spain
28-10-2017: Escuela De Ruzafa, Intramurs Festival, Valencia, Spain
18-11:2017: Burning Man Decompression, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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